Heads-Up Display for Skydivers, Wingsuit Pilots and BASE Jumpers


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Imagine driving without a speedometer or scuba diving without a depth gauge. Are you going 70mph or 90mph? Are you down 80ft or 100ft? Without a tool to provide you with a point of reference, it’s pretty hard to know, and without knowing, it’s difficult to make some pretty important decisions.

Everyone sees the value of having a speedometer in a car, yet, when you jump out of a plane or off of a cliff, you don’t have anything.

That’s why as our first project for Recon Labs – Recon Instruments’ idea incubator – we are making the call out to all skydivers, wingsuit pilots, and BASE jumpers. We have heard loud and clear that you desperately want/need a heads-up display solution that provides essential flight instrumentation. Well it’s time to put your money where your mouth is!

If you can band together and get a minimum of 250 people within 30 days to support this project, we will create a HUD package that will give you true flight instrumentation direct-to-eye from our alpine heads-up display.

If you’re a skydiver, wingsuit pilot, or BASE jumper, this project has the potential to change your time in the air, forever. A heads-up display will provide an instrument cluster of Forward Speed, Glide Ratio, and Altitude that is accessible at just a glance. The most subtle of movements – a twist of the wrist, a roll of the shoulder, a slight forward lean – have tremendous effects on human flight. By having a HUD, not only will you be able to see how you’re flying, but you will also be able to tweak and adjust your movements in real-time so that you can fly better.

Skydivers, wingsuit pilots and BASE  jumpers are a niche, small market, and in the eyes of most companies too small a group to go after. And they’re right, you are a small group, but at Recon Instruments we believe that you are an incredibly passionate and dedicated group. We realise that you give and risk everything to do what you love.

So put your order in now and support this Recon Labs project!



How does it work?

The heads-up display technology and goggles have initially been designed for skiing. However, the sensors that are embedded in the hardware, and the nature of alpine goggles make re-purposing this package for skydiving and wingsuiting ideal. It is simply a matter of building the software and tweaking the sensors specifically for flight.


HUD/Heads-up Display/WTF?

Recon Instruments MOD was designed and built for giving real-time info to skiers direct-to-eye. The sensors within this device, however, are ideal for providing flight metrics. There is an onboard accelerometer, altimeter and GPS system, which would allow us to provide forward speed, glide ratio and altitude. We would need to build completely new software to accurately pull and display this information, which is the whole point of this Recon Labs project.

If you’re wondering how the heads-up display actually shows the information, it’s via a small display in the outer edge of your peripheral vision. There is nothing in your line of sight until you choose to look at it. Jeb Corliss, who proximity flies – ie flies really close to rocks and cliffs – has been testing a prototype of this system, and well, having anything that would obstruct his vision would be… really not good. Nothing is projected on the lens, this would again hamper and obstruct your vision. Just like the dash in your car, if you need to access your instruments all you need to do is glance down.


Ski Goggle?

First of all, a ski goggle doesn’t fog up, and has been designed and built for you to sweat like hell in frigid environments and not fog up. Additionally, the wind protection is extremely good, which means no more teary, watery eyes at inopportune moments. When you’re jumping from a plane or cliff, being able to see clearly is a nice feature to have.


Flight Instrumentation

If we can get real support for this project – a minimum of 250 people within 30 days – then we can actually build the software that would provide real-time Forward Speed, Glide Ratio, and Altitude. The altimeter would have manual calibration, but is by no means intended for use as a primary altimeter. All of the information displayed in the heads-up display is for reference only. The whole point of the heads-up display is to give you flight information that you previously couldn’t have. It is not a safety device and should not be used as such.


Will Flight HUD work with Recon’s MOD Live?

No, Flight HUD will only work with custom built software for the MOD Heads-up Display.


What is Glide Ratio, and why should I care?

Glide Ratio tells you the ratio between how much distance you are traveling forward to how much you are falling downward. Simply put, the higher the number the more you are flying rather than falling.


This is a ski goggle with a HUD, why wouldn’t I wait till Recon makes one specifically for skydiving?

This is the whole reason that this is a Recon Labs project. Recon Instruments is eager to support and explore fringe markets, but until there is a large enough demand to commercialize this product, we will not be making a device specific to this application.


When will I be able to buy it in stores?

This custom package is a Recon Labs project and will only be available for a limited time on labs.reconinstruments.com if we meet the minimum of 250 units within 30 days. We have no plans for retail distribution.


When will this ship?

If we meet the minimum unit threshold, we will ship the product before the new year.

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, Flight HUDs ordered after 11/20/2012 will ship before February 15, 2013.
Any Flight HUDs ordered before 11/20/2013 will still be shipped by Jan 31, 2013.


What are the Technical Specifications?

See here: Flight HUD Tech Specs


Will I be able to switch to skiing mode in the winter holidays?

Yes, you will be able to switch between skiing and flying mode. The difference will be that flying mode will show your horizontal speed, while skiing mode will show your three-dimensional speed.


What is the refresh rate of the data on the screen?

The screen refreshes at 1 frame per second to maximize battery life.






Fly Like Jeb Corliss with Flight Heads up Display HUD